Are class ben working on saving endangered animals.Are class has over $700 to save them. Are class is only spinding $700. We got that motch money by doing snack shack. I've ben reserching tigers.


Over my weekend my cosines spent the nite at my house. I made invtasens. We wocht the wizard of oz. we wochet the secret garden.

I had a fun weekend. Now I'm back at school.


Today we skyped with Marcie and David.

Marcie and David live on a bout. Thay visited 6 difrint countinents and 31 countries. Thay are in western aurailya rite now. Thay saw kangaroos. Thay saw dalfins. Thay met lots of people and kids.


Over my weekend I had a big cookout. It was vary fun. After that my ant Katy and my chosens Emily and gaby came. We playd late. I dident want them to go nither did thaye. Gaby has earings. She has to keep them in. Katy Said that thay wold sleep over this weekend. I'm so eksided.

Emily's 9. Gabys 3.


One thang I noticed is that there black.


Over my spring brea I got my nails done.

My nails are the same coler as my tonails.

It's a dark purple. On Easter the Easter buny came to my hous and my granny's

hous. At my granny's hous I got lots of crayola stof. And a chick it was a chick with a egg on top and egg on botum with its feet sticking out. At first I didedint like it then I loved it. At my house I got a nerf gun. It was purple. My mom and dad got all if us a new movie it colde the little rascals. It was the olde movie to. It was fuuuuuuny. And now I'm back at school.


Today we wint to the speshal Olympics.

It was at chary park. We ate lunch there.

It was fun we stayd a long time. Fore lunch we ate hot dogs. Thay were good.

We had to were tenashoues. We had Alex. We had cocacola. It was good.

We dident play at the park part were the play akwetment. We had Mirs. Sharin.


To barter you half to trade somthing good

fore somthing good. Then if someone says no do not thro a temper tantrum.

I got thangs I like fore bartering.